Payment for Legal Services

    When calculating the charges for our services we take into account the following factors:
    • the length of time and volume of work which is necessary for the performance of the due legal services;
    • the degree of complexity and novelty of legal questions involved in the provision of legal services;
    • essential travel costs incurred in connection with the case;
    • the main outcome desired by the client;
    • any special additional demands of the client according to the terms of the legal services provided;
    • the character and duration of professional relations between the lawyer and the client;
    • the necessity of engaging additional specialists to resolve legal questions  in other areas;
    • the reputation and experience of the lawyer.
    We use the following systems of payment for our services:
    Fixed fee This is a pre-agreed single charge for the provision of a defined volume of legal services for single contracts, including charges for conducting the case in court, registration of a business using the turnkey approach, etc. The payment is subject to negotiation with the client.
    Step-by-step payment This fixed fee for the provision of legal services is paid weekly, monthly, quarterly or is phased by mutual agreement with the client.
    Payment by results This is negotiated payment for the provision of legal services to the client based on the results achieved in the case, irrespective of any other rate or form of payment.
    Hourly fee In this case the charges for legal services are calculated using the number of hours spent by our legal representative in conducting the case. The main hourly rate is 100 Hryvnyas.
    Monthly fee This provides for reduced prices (by 10% - 20%) by paying a fixed monthly fee for an unlimited amount of legal services in complex cases.
    Combined payment This can be used when the lawyer takes part in a complicated and long-term case. This form of payment includes an hourly fee for the work together with an additional percentage when the case has been concluded successfully.
    In addition to the payments listed above clients are also required to pay for the costs of the following kinds of foreseen expenses connected with the provision of legal services:
    • associated business travel expenses;
    • payment for engagement of any additional specialists involved in providing legal services to the client;
    • carriage charges;
    • expenses for printing, copying, etc.;
    • payment for translation and notarial attestation of documents;
    • costs for telephone discussions (including international calls);
    • payment of facsimile messages;
    • expenses for mail and messenger services;
    • state duty payment;
    • representation expenses;
    • other expenses connected with providing legal services to the client.
    The cost of providing legal services is determined on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the individual client, taking into account the complexity of each case.