Administrative cases

«Administrative cases» or «Administrative disputes» arise as the result of private person relationships with any of executive body (administrative authority).

The following cases could be referred to Administrative cases:

1) Calling to administrative account cases;

2) Calling to disciplinary responsibility;

3) Revision of resolutions and  judgments of Administrative cases;

4) Administrative disputes of public authority’s competence;

5) Administrative disputes over normative acts justification of public authority’s competence issues.

Legal services of lawyers over Administrative cases include:

  • Becoming acquainted with documents, executed on Administrative case, legal appraisal of the case administration;
  • Choice and determination of case administration tactics on Administrative cases;
  • Collection and exhibition of evidence to court on administrative offence;
  • Subpoena and interview of witnesses on administrative offence;
  • Searching and adduction of further proofs on administrative offence;
  • Appeal of a court judgment to higher authorities on administrative offence (as appropriate);
  • Clients rights and interests protection while judicial sittings;
  • Administrative cases conducting by complain into higher authorities;
  • Appeal of court judgments on imposing disciplinary punishments.