International arbitration

In the correspondence with the Law of Ukraine On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine, from December 2, 1997, at Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry are acting:

  • the International Commercial Arbitration Court;
  • the Maritime Arbitration Commission.

    Their activity is provided for by the Law of Ukraine On International Commercial Arbitration, from February 24, 1994.

International commercial arbitration court shall settle disputes from contractual and other civil law relationships arising in the course of foreign trade and other forms of international economic relations, provided that the place of business of at least one of the parties is abroad, as well as disputes arising between enterprises with the foreign investments, international associations and organizations established in the territory of Ukraine, disputes between their participants, as well as their disputes with other legal entities in Ukraine.

Our lawyers’ Legal services in the field of International commercial arbitration are not restricted direct by conducting a case while arbitration proceeding and court judgment obtaining, but cover the stage of arbitration composition forming and enforcement of arbitral awards.